Wisps In-game

Wisps are enemies that move at an average speed until they have an unobstructed shot at the player, at which point they will stop and shoot a slow-moving "bullet" of energy. While unthreatening in small doses, wisps often accompany large groups of demon eyes and, when near a wisp spawner, wisps can be found in very large groups capable of decimating anyone unable to avoid their barrage.


Tier OneEdit

Small WispsEdit

  • Small wisps are the weakest out of all of the wisps. They are pale green, and shoot one projectile. They explode on death.

Normal WispsEdit

  • Normal wisps are larger than small wisps and are blue in color. They have more health and deal more damage than small wisps and, on Hard difficulty, fire two projectiles instead of one.

Tier TwoEdit

Normal WispsEdit

  • Tier Two wisps are even stronger than Tier One normal wisps, with more health and more damage. However, they fire the same amount of projectiles: one on Easier and Normal difficulties, two on Hard.
Type Health Damage Projectiles Range Speed Aggro Range
Tier One Small 45 25 1 12 0.5 13
Normal 75 30 1 / 2 12 0.4 13
Tier Two Normal 85 40 1 / 2 12 0.4 13

Wisp SpawnerEdit

Wisp Spawners are hexagonal fountains with small, blue wisps flying around them. Once destroyed, the wisps disappear and the fountain is drained. They spawn either Tier One small (75% chance) or normal (25% chance) wisps every three seconds when the player is within its 7 unit range. They have 150 health points.