Three Councilors
Three Councilors

The Three Councilors make up the third boss that the player encounters in the Forsaken Spire.

Appearance Edit

The Three Councilors consists of the Councilor of War, Magic and Wisdom. Their general appearance is that of a haunched robed skeletons slightly resembling the classical concept of a Grim Reaper.

  • The Councilor of War is recognizable for the large scythe it wields and it's single red eye.
  • The Councilor of Magic does not carry any weapons and has purple eyes
  • The Councilor of Wisdom carries a staff and is frothing at the mouth.

Abilities Edit

Each of the Councilors has their own unique attack.

  • The Councilor of War slashes with his Scythe inflicting damaging to those around and sending of a set of homing ground spikes that chase heroes.
  • The Councilor of Magic casts a magic nova sending large projectiles in a ring around himself.
  • The Councilor of Wisdom casts poison fields that appear over the arena inflicting the poison debuff.

When a councilor dies the abilities of the surviving get augmented. For example killing the Councillor of magic causes the poison fields of the Councilor of Wisdom to also fire poison projectiles around.

Strategy Edit

Each of the councilors has their own statue and can be hurt by either attacking them when they become corporeal to cast an ability or by attacking the statue. The statue however has high armor and resistance being far slower to kill them through.

Because their abilities become far more dangerous if one or two dies early it is generally best to balance damaging them. Getting them close to death so that you can quickly eliminate each of them in rapid succession.

Both the Magic and War councilor's attacks are blocked by the statue making them handy for easily avoiding them.

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Trivia Edit

  • In an early version the fields cast by the Councillor of Wisdom inflicted a frost debuff instead of poison and didn't hurt. This was changed in the April 26th update