The Knight
The Knight









  • Strike

  • Whirlwind

  • The Knight is the second boss in the Castle Hammerwatch campaign. Its chamber is a long, narrow room with six statues on either side and a square design on the floor between each pair of statues. When the fight begins, the Knight is standing on the top of the stairs at the end of the hallway.


    The Knight is a large skeleton with a cracked skull and glowing red eyes. It wears dark blue armor with a gold trim and a red cape, and wields a longsword.



    • The Knight strikes the ground, sending several paths of red tendrils in random directions that deal 25 damage to the player.


    • The Knight spins in a circle while sending out dagger projectiles in a spiral around the room. Each dagger deals 16 damage to the player.


    Phase OneEdit

    The first phase of the battle with the Knight has it chasing the player. It will attempt to attack the player with its sword if they happen to get too close and will periodically pause and use its Whirlwind ability. It is best for the player to either hide behind a statue or to keep their distance to dodge the knives. In addition, the six square designs on the floor will spawn skeletons throughout the fight.

    Phase TwoEdit

    At the beginning of his second phase, the top two statues will come to life as stronger skeletons. All other aspects of the fight remain the same.

    Phase ThreeEdit

    In phase three, the bottom four statues come to life. In addition, bombs will now fall from the ceiling. The bombs damage the skeletons as well as you, so they will help to clear the room.

    Phase FourEdit

    The final phase of the fight continues as before with the remaining six statues coming to life, leaving nothing to hide behind when the Knight uses its Whirlwind ability.


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