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Secrets are marked by either a notification after pushing a switch or two types of walls. The first is a cracked wall, the second is a wall with a small hole with eyes peeking out.
Broken wall secret
Broken Wall
In act one, the secret bonus room is called The Gauntlet and is full of skeletons. There are small planks to be found across each act. These have replaced the letters that were originally in the beta. It is now known that collecting all the planks unlocks the true ending to the game.
Super secret
Super Secret Room
FreshSheetAdded by FreshSheet
Secret wall
Fake Wall Secret

Secret letter A
Secret Letter "A"

Strange PlanksEdit

Across the game in secret areas are scattered several "Strange Planks". These serve no purpose until the end. After you beat the final boss they are used to exit safely from the castle. If the player did not find all the strange planks in the game they are unable to exit the castle and recieve a favourable ending.

Bonus RoomsEdit

Act OneEdit

The Gauntlet

Secret Room Hints:Edit

Act One: The wall will be cracked compared to surrounding walls

Act Two: The wall will have a stack of 5 off-colored, somewhat darker, bricks

Act Three: The books will appear mouldy/crumbly

Act Four: A painting will have a crack in it.

Tip for finding the secret passages/rooms is to just continually shoot randomly, if possible. Another tip is to have a good eye.

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