1.23 (7/1/14)Edit


  • Added priest class
  • Added workshop support
  • Added auto fire
  • Added double lives crutch
  • Added directional marker to minimap to see where other players are
  • Bosses now drop upgrades
  • Certain enemies in act 2 and 4 now drop banners that buff or heal enemies, or drain player mana
  • Replaced glare with bloom
  • Added new particle effects for when enemies die
  • Added timer to statistics screen
  • Fixed crash at the end of hero defense
  • Fixed crash when refreshing server list


  • The beginning of the game is now slightly easier
  • Ranger now slowed 50% while shooting
  • Lowered the range of the ranger
  • Paladins heal now only heal players within a small range
  • Increased thief attack speed
  • Increased thief starting health
  • Improved paladin starting shield
  • Increased wizard starting health

Editor features:Edit

  • Added Checkpoint script node for setting spawn points and saving the game
  • Added PlayGibs script node for displaying particle effects
  • AnnounceText script can now show pickup texts
  • Editor can now take large screenshots of an entire level
  • HUD elements can now be shown and hidden from level scripts via the GlobalFlag system
  • DangerAreas can now heal if they have negative damage

1.22 (4/16/14)Edit


  • Added thief class
  • Changed the HUD
  • Added custom mouse cursor
  • Added click sound to buttons in the menu
  • Wizards flame spray now goes through enemies
  • Wizards ice nova no longer has a cast time
  • Wizard flame spray and meteor strike improved


  • Now using Steam networking when possible
  • Tweaked game scale for certain resolutions
  • Enemies can now walk through each other when walking at different speeds
  • Strafing now properly netsynced
  • Fixed freeze crash when failing to connect to a game

Editor features:Edit

  • Added composite skills 'ground-hit', 'explode'
  • Added passive composite skills 'drop', 'retaliate', 'armor'
  • Custom buffs can now drain mana
  • Custom buffs can now heal enemies

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