Liches are magic-using enemies that fire projectiles that follow the player, dealing high damage on contact. All liches also have the ability to teleport, but with a cool-down timer to allow the player to attack them. Unlike most other types of enemies, they do not have a spawner.


Tier OneEdit

Normal LichesEdit

  • Tier One normal liches are equipped with a turquoise-colored hood and robe and a staff. They have the lowest health out of all of the liches, but have the highest damage. They fire green projectiles.

Elite LichesEdit

  • These liches wear dark green hoods and their faces are shadowed, revealing bright red eyes. They fire two  green projectiles at once, each dealing slightly less damage than the normal liches.

Tier TwoEdit

  • Tier Two liches can be encountered in both the campaign and survival mode. They wear slightly paler blue hoods than the Tier One normal liches. They use a frost spray to fight the player and are able to heal nearby enemies. Because of this, they are recommended to be taken out first when seen.

Tier ThreeEdit

  • Tier Three liches work differently than other liches. They can only either summon Tier Three skeletons to fight for them or teleport, with no ability to shoot projectiles.


  • The Lich Miniboss have a very high health pool and are able to summon Tier Three bats. Like the other minibosses, they apply the Bloodlust buff to nearby monsters, giving them a boost in speed and damage. It can shoot bullet-hell-styled projectiles while spinning, dealing very high damage to the player.
Type Health


Projectiles Range Speed Aggro Range
Tier One Normal 50 30 1 7 0.5 12
Elite 85 20 2 14 0.6 17
Tier Two 80 12 1 (Spray) 4 0.5 10
Tier Three 80 N/A 3 (Summon) 7 0.6 16
Miniboss 1600 25 N/A 15 0.6 12