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General Information





Music by:

Twin Feathers


Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

Release Date:

12 August 2013

Hammerwatch is a fantasy-themed hack and slash adventure game. It was released on 12 August, 2013 on Steam. The game was developed by Jochum Skoglund and Niklas Myrberg, with music by Twin Feathers Studio. It was mainly inspired by the Gauntlet game series. The game came on Steam through the process of the Steam Greenlight.



An expansion for Hammerwatch, called Temple of the Sun, was released on the 16th of September, 2014. It was released for free, as a patch. It contains a new campaign that takes place in the desert. It adds new themes, bosses and challenges.


Hammerwatch received a score of 75/100 on GameFront and a score of 7/10 on Destructoid. Hammerwatch has an average rating of 72 out of 100 at Metacritic, based on 5 critic reviews. It had 2,500 pre-orders and sold 12,000 units on the first 24 hours on Steam.

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