Flower Towers are stationary 2x2-tile enemies that, once a player is within range attack the player by shooting delayed spikes out of the ground, dealing high amounts of damage if they make contact. The flower's reach isn't affected by obstacles such as walls and is not limited in how many players it can attack, making it sometimes impossible for the player to attack the flower tower while it can still attack all players at once.

Flower TowersEdit

Small: Edit

Tier One Edit

  • Tier One small flower towers are small and fit in with bushes in the area they are located they do low damage but "fire" quickly.

Large: Edit

Tier One Edit

  • Tier One large flower towers are a circle of dark green leaves with a "mouth" with teeth in the center. They are the weakest flower type.

Tier Two Edit

  • Tier Two large flower towers have much more health than their Tier One counterparts. Their damage and range have also been increased.

Tier Three Edit

  • Tier Three large flower towers have the same range as Tier Two flowers, but they deal slightly more damage and their health has been increased.
Type Health Damage Range
Tier One 150 20 10
Tier Two 400 30 12
Tier Three 500 35 12


  • It is important to clear the room first before attacking the flower tower, as the monsters may corner the player and stop them from moving, giving a chance for it to attack.
  • Never stay still in the flower's reach.
  • Circling the flower tower while attacking it is the best method to kill it.
  • Never turn around if you're walking in a straight line. Instead, make an U-Shape to avoid getting hit by the flower tower.


  • In the Campaign, the player can be alerted that there is a flower tower nearby by the holes on the ground, seemingly created by the flower's spikes. However, the holes aren't necessary when creating a flower tower in the Editor, so take caution when playing custom levels.