ChangeDoodadStates modify the current state of one or more selected doodads.


ChangeDoodadStates has two fields:

  • State: The new state for the targeted doodad(s).
  • Object: A link to the doodads to modify.


The following is a list of doodad states, as found in the unpacked assets.bin.

Doodad Name Possible States (Default in bold)
generic\deco_elevated_pyramid inactive deactivate active activate
generic\exit_teleport open closed destroyed
generic\exit_teleport_boss open closed destroyed
generic\item_chest_red_falling editor activate
generic\machine_pump deactivate activate
generic\trap_bomb_falling editor activate invisible
generic\trap_fire closed deactivate open activate
generic\trap_frost inactive deactivate active activate
generic\trap_frost_field inactive deactivate active activate
generic\trap_spikes closed deactivate open activate
generic\trap_stalactite editor activate
generic\trap_stalactite_e editor activate
generic\trap_turret_fire closed deactivate open activate
generic\trap_turret_flame closed deactivate open activate
generic\trap_turret_spike closed deactivate open activate
special\boss_door_button disabled activate enabled raised
special\boss_lock_1 deactivate activate
special\boss_lock_1_small deactivate activate
special\boss_lock_2 deactivate activate
special\boss_lock_2_small deactivate activate
special\boss_lock_3 deactivate activate
special\boss_lock_3_small deactivate activate
special\boss_lock_button raised activate pressed
special\puzzle_ball_right moving closed
special\puzzle_teacher_blackboard deactivate a_1 a_2 a_3 a_4 a_5 a_6 b_1 b_2 b_3 b_4 b_5 b_6 c_1 c_2 c_3 c_4 c_5 c_6 d_1 d_2 d_3 d_4 d_5 d_6 e_1 e_2 e_3 e_4 e_5 e_6 f_1 f_2 f_3 f_4 f_5 f_6  fail
special\trigger_button_floor raised activate pressed
special\trigger_button_question deactivate activate
special\trigger_button_rune_ ... deactivate activate
special\trigger_button_wall raised activate
special\trigger_lever left to_left right to_right
theme_a\a_special_deteriorate 1 2 3 4
theme_a\a_special_pillar_boss up raise down lower
theme_b\b_special_deteriorate 1 2 3 4
theme_c\c_special_deteriorate 1 2 3 4
theme_d\d_special_deteriorate 1 2 3 4
theme_d\d_special_doomspawn deactivate activate active
theme_f\f_special_deteriorate 1 2 3 4